First Timers

Washer TossWasher Toss

Each month we have a tournament which brings all the groups together. Camaraderie with friends and family make this our favorite function of the caravans.

In December we have the "Len Philippi Washer Toss Tournament" which we consider our World Series of Washer Toss. Like many of us, you can make your own boards and practice at home.

Plans for Washer Toss Boards are available here.
Washer Toss
Watch the fun here!

Joker GameJoker Game

Board games keep us laughing and makes for an enjoyable afternoon in the outdoors! Mexican Train is another very popular game that many of the groups participate in for hours at a time.

Craft SaleCraft Sales

We have a Craft Sale in May and November/December. The products are made by the Caravaners and sold in a flea market type setting. Some very useful items can be found for your Home or RV.