First Timers

If you are an owner of a Lazy Daze motorhome and have not yet attended a Lazy Daze caravan, please consider yourself invited! Our caravans are a wonderful opportunity to learn about RVing in your Lazy Daze from experienced and friendly Lazy Dazers. If you have questions, we can guarantee you'll find answers at a Lazy Daze caravan!

So, you may be wondering: how do I go about attending a caravan? We make it easy! Consider the following...

  1. Most RV Resorts are requiring reservations from our members. Contact Christine Nordstrom at 951-795-2048 and she will make sure you have a space available and fill in the details for you.
    We have reduced camping rates because of our large number of participants. The number of rigs varies from 30 - 50, coming together for fun and friendship nine times a year.
    For information on our caravans (when and where), click here.
  2. When you arrive, you will be greeted at our Host Tent. You'll get checked-in, pay the camping fees if not already paid through reservation, and meet our Chairman. We do ask that if you received a caravan registration newsletter, please bring your completed registration form with you.
  3. After Host Tent business is taken care of, a loud horn will be sounded to announce the arrival in camp of a First Timer. That would be you! Our Caravan Club consists of a number of smaller groups who take turns hosting each caravan, and a member of whichever group is hosting the caravan you attend as a First Timer will come up to the Host Tent and direct you to their camping area. They will help you get parked and set-up (if you need it). But most of all, they will do an outstanding job making you feel welcome; you'll be their "guest" for that campout. Your hosts will fill you in on all the various activities to choose from at each caravan.
  4. At a First Timer orientation you will receive your Lazy Daze Caravan Club rig number.

And that's it! So, if you own a Lazy Daze motorhome, we would love to have you join us and become part of the Lazy Daze Caravan Club!